Second Meeting Minutes

Summary of meeting:
update from Kate on social spaces in bradford, eg of mission statement, and constitution, and summary of how they operate (eg one runs a 'members only' club- to avoid certain legal restrictions - with 5 paid workers each working one day a week, regular weekly open meetings, monthly specific committee meetings, and volunteers running the cafe)

Link to 1 in 12 social centre

Update from Emma on social centres of uk website

Update from bob and alice on past social spaces in Glasgow: Glasgow autonomous project, which set up printworks social centre, 2002ish and Georges Cross chalkboard, and sosa (not sure about spelling?) 2006ish social space on the south side..
and why they didnt survive... (lack of clear mission statement and lack of respect of space in one- and small space and very ambitious intentions and not letting space organically grow at the beginning, in other).

Read the Chalkboard Mission Statement

Other notes: space should be central, (not out of town) and large (not too small) and it takes time to establish (eg 2-3 years running ,people begin to trust it and frequent it, vs an energy filled but short lived space/venture), it shouldnt try to do everything, but instead do whatever it is intended to do WELL.

Suggestion from Bob to have a presence at January Reshuffle at Pearse Institute in Govan.

Outcomes of the meeting:

All were agreed on the bolded words in the mission statement above... exact wording to be amended and agreed upon asap, by friday 9th jan or before

Suggestion for the next meeting to take place Friday 9th Jan at electron club at 6pm...
If that does not suit anyone, please let us know BEFORE FRI DEC 19th, and suggest alternative dates that do suit. If no answers, will presume it suits people, and go ahead with it...

To be discussed at Fri Jan 9th (or other) meeting: Mission statement, Reshuffle event participation, organisation of next meeting...
Please bring or email any pictures, films, soundbytes, or info on other social spaces worldwide, ideas, thoughts, etc...

Ideas for Jan 31st Reshuffle event:
-a stall with information on social space, board with info and space for people to add thoughts/ideas/comments...
-build a cardboard 'social space' with kids, and decorate it,
-get people present to write what they want from a social space, and stick it on wall, or on cardboard space...
'public consultation' ask people if they want a social space and what they want it/envision it to be for them...

Invite interested parties at Reshuffle (and elsewhere) to attend next meeting... organise where and when and rough agenda of next meeting... in early Feb...and advertise it at reshuffle event and elsewhere...

IT was a good second meeting, with a lot of energy and info on what this space could be... and a good group of diverse people, Very much looking forward to next meeting!!!

Everyone have a Lovely Xmas or Holiday and New Year
IF you come across or are in the vicinity of any social spaces, please gather some info re: mission statements, constitutions, structure, set-up, pitfalls, suggestions, advice, etc!

See you in the bright and shiny and full-of-promise New Year!

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Melissa said...

Bob, Alice, Kate, and everyone else that was at the second meeting, please feel free to edit, change or add to these minutes if you want! Melissa