Wallboard for the reshuffle

Click here to view the wallboard to be displayed at the Reshuffle tomorrow


Final Reshuffle Meeting

Will take place tomorrow night (Friday 30th) at 6.30pm Electron Club CCA



Here is a list of workshops which could take place in our social center. These could potentially be lucrative (with the sale of their produce) and could be useful for the business plan, it is therefore important to plan them at this early stage. Please add your name next to a workshop if you wish to take responsibility for it. Please also add any other workshop ideas you can come up with.

-fixing broken (electrical) stuff
-creative painting etc
-bicycle worshop (denis)

- Denis

Ideas from Melissa

Nutrition - I could do workshops on nutrition, vitamins, minerals, herbal medicine, flower remedies, natural skincare.
Not a qualified therapist, but have a diploma in health food retailing, and worked in a health food store for 4 years giving advice to ppl.
Skating - also a qualified inline skating instructor...!
knitting- and could facilitate/organise knitting workshops, altho im brand new to it. but want to learn.
felting - also interested in getting 'Galgael' ladies along to do courses in feltmaking, spinning, weaving and looming... (check out www.galgael.org)
co-counselling- also interested in starting up some kind of 'co-counselling' or first person action inquiry group...



Check this very inspiring website

Minutes from the last meeting

What do we want the social center to be?

-social space for alternative folk to meet
-a productive space with workshops
-gig space (amongst other things for fundraisers)
-a space that includes and inspires its local community
-a sustainable, vibrant space
-open to all not just activists/alternative (therefore careful with that language!)
-could include a mobile social centre

Reshuffle (31st, Pearce Institute, 840 Govan Road, 12-6pm

-history of previous social centers in glasgow (strenghths and weaknesses)
-flyers to advertise open meeting Everyone to think about printing (can we do it for free/cheap) template to be sent around by the 24th
-Group to meet and prepare interactive cardboard stuff (we have met and are preparing :)
-pedal powered smoothie maker (collect fruit) (can we get this or other pedal powered stuff for the day?)

Open Meeting (provisional date = 7th feb)

-location: Landsdowne church, Pearce Institute, Woodside Social? ideally get a place for free
-how well do we want to defive ourselves before opening to a wider public? perhaps use reshuffle as first oportunity of consultation of a wider public and feed this info into open meeting
-make stuff not just talk about stuff!
-working group should start preparing meeting

Business plan

-new list of properties available in 4 weeks, provisional business plan to be ready by then
-working group to meet next thursday 5pm

Brainstorm of money generating ideas to make us economically sustainable

-productive workshops (the produce of which could be sold) many ideas have been put forward ill send round in another email a list of these and if anyone wants to take responsability for one so that these can go into the business plan
-charity shop
-office space to rent
-outreach projects which can get funding
-sale of food (=cafe)
-get funding for being a learning center for the future of glasgow

issues for consideration:
-how will workshops and more generally the centre be run? by volunteers? would there need to be paid staff?
-how to organise the collection of materials used in the workshops
-can we legally sublet office space?
-how can we get working class communities to be interested in reusing?