Hogmanay Party - 31st December

Upstairs: Reggae-Soca-Afrozouk

Downstairs: House and tchno with DJs from TOUGH TT

From: 10pm - 4am

Entry: £5 Before midnight

Contact Graham for more details


This Saturday (19th): Zuba Bassbeat Xmas Party

ZUBA Bassbeat Xmas Party featuring Glasgow Gospel Choir, support acts and afrobeat DJs.... £5 entry... 7pm til late..... Email Euan for details

The Ballad of Mable Wong live

The Ballad of Mable Wong from Bean There Done That on Vimeo.


Gig Photos

Photos from last nights' excellent gig at the centre featuring:

Sparkling Shedazz

The Ballad of Mable Wong

Golden Grrls


'Its always just been there' 13.12.09

Thank you to Vivien Opiolka for a great installation last Sunday.

Tweet as a nut

We're now a tick on the back of a beast called Twitter.... Come follow



Projektions Returns

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
... Join us for some year end GSC tinsel swinging.... We'll also be showing Hawkwind live at Stone Henge '84!!... Freak out!


Volunteers Wanted

Can you spare some time?

....... This weekend is a very busy weekend at the centre. We need all the help we can get to cater for the events. If you could spare some time to help out with the running of this great space please get in touch glasgowsocialcentre[at]riseup.net or come to tonight's (Monday 7th) meeting at 7pm.

Anyone for Tea?


Them Beatles Live at the GSC...

Thanks to Omar for the vid....


Choir Hire

For this Saturday's Buy Nothing Day we have an Anti Capitalist Christmas Carol Choir rehearsing in the centre at 12pm. They will then proceed to local shopping centres for some lyrical demonstrations....

If you would like to join the choir, please email Svenja.


Diary of Events

Sunday 6th December 4pm: Learning the lessons of workplace struggles

The event includes:

3 short films on the Visteon, Prisme and Vestas workplace occupations.

600 ex-Ford workers at Visteon auto-parts factories are sacked with 6
minutes notice without redundancy pay. They respond by occupying their
factories. After the factory occupations and the threat to picket out
workers at Ford's state of the art plant at Bridgend, Visteon and Ford were
forced back to the negotiating table - where they conceded a redundancy
package better than the Fords package the workers were demanding. It is
the biggest redundancy package ever paid out by Ford anywhere! (25 mins.)

Dundee: Prisme occupation
Another great response to the shutting down of a factory, as the cardbouard
packaging workers refuse to leave and plan to reopen the factory as a
workers cooperative. (6 mins)

Save Vestas Wind Turbine Factory
An unprecedented red, green and black coalition support the Vestas workers
occupying to stop the only wind turbine factory in England shutting down.
(19 mins)

Followed by discussion on workplace struggles and how next year's cuts will
affect workers.

Hosted by Clydeside Industrial Workers of the World
A Union For All workers


Clowning Classes start this Thursday

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The Rebel Clown Army are gearing up for the Copenhagen Climate Change Convergence. They will host some clowning sessions at the centre to prepare themselves but to also get other people involved in the art of clown activism.

The first session is this Thursday 28th November 7pm. If you are interested in the Titillating Tactics Of Interactive Politics and Radical Play whilst have some serious fun please come along.

This Saturday: BAA Beatdown


BUY NOTHING DAY at the Glasgow Social Centre

Saturday 28th November is the annual Buy Nothing Day. 24 hours out from the Consumer Machine. At the Glasgow Social Centre we will be promoting our FREE Shop from 12-5pm. If you are visiting the centre before then please bring along anything you are willing to swap. Clothes, Books, Household items, anything thats in good shape and you don't NEED anymore. We are trying to stock out the shop as much as possible so people can see on BND that when you stop buying... you start living.

Radical Independent Book Fair: Programme Announced

stalls 12.00 - 9.00pm

Book Event / Film Screening / Public Debate 6.30 - 9.00pm
Cathy McCormack

The Wee Yellow Butterfly is Cathy McCormack’s inspiring story of how, from unpromising beginnings, she has spent her life committed to seeking justice and finding fulfillment. This book is a grassroots analysis of the social, economic and psychological world war waged against the poor under Thatcher, New Labour and the American administrations. At the Sharp End of the Knife - a screening of the documentary film that Barbara Orton and Cathy McCormack made in 1999. “An 'eye-level' view as we go with Scottish activist Cathy McCormack into the township heartlands of South Africa to see how fellow activists are faring, in building the 'New' South Africa. She may be dodging bullets, but in the people she meets, finds energy and inspiration, making intriguing parallels with her own life in Easterhouse and theirs” As well as a relaunch of this book and a rare screening of this film there will be a discussion and public debate around the issues, hosted by Cathy.
Cathy McCormack poderuk@hotmail.com
Note - this film and a selection of related films from Document 7 will be available at the RIB videotheque.


stalls 10.00am - 7.00pm

Refreshments 12.00pm onwards
BrothMix - Stone Soup

An empty pot and a stone is the starter for this soup... it takes its form with whatever donations of vegetables, herbs, pulses and other foodstuffs are given to the pot. So look in the back of your cupboard for a lonely potato or lentil, dig up some winter veg or bring in some garnish and help feed everyone who is hungry! Home made breads and other baking will also be on offer.

Discussion 12.00 - 1.30pm
May Day Open Discussion

Reclaim the Day! What does May Day mean? What do we want it to be? How can we all work together? This forum isn't just hippy navel gazing; by planning ahead we can be more efficient, more effective (more mischievous?) So come along and let us know what you think, whether you're representing an affinity group or an army of one. Dissent isn't just encouraged, it's pretty much an assumed prerequisite, but hopefully we can all at least agree on a date.

Workshop / Discussion 1.30 - 2.30pm
Gender 101

A workshop/discussion on sex, gender and sexuality. As well as looking at the basics we'll be exploring radical trans/queer politics and the relationship between gender and class. We'll also be discussing these issues within the context of radical communities and how we can avoid reproducing systems of oppression. All welcome.

DVD Launch 2.30 - 3.30pm
John La Rose Tribute

John La Rose (1927 - 2006) was a writer and activist who founded the International Book Fair of Radical Black and Third World Books. This new DVD includes documentation of a tribute event for La Rose held in 2006, and features contributions from Linton Kwesi Johnson, Horace Ove, Jim Kelman, Tom Leonard, Raman Mundair, Alasdair Gray and Roxy Harris.

Forum 3.30 - 5.00pm
Glasgow Anarchist Forum

An opportunity for anarchists of all shades to meet, have a chat, see what others are up to and talk about projects and campaigns we'd like to work on. Ideal for those wanting to get involved in activism in Glasgow to find out what's going on and which groups are active.

Discussion 5.00 - 6.00pm
How We Organise

No game playing, no ranting, no moaning, just "organisation".

Film Screening 7.00 - 9.00pm
Zapatistas: Chronicle of a Rebellion

This film has a history of its own. The documentary's first version, originally entitled La Guerra de Chiapas and released in late January 1994, was one of the first journalistic efforts to present and analyse the Zapatista uprising. Ten years later, in 2004, a second version was released. This third and updated edition includes images of the Zapatistas' most recent campaign, ‘la otra campaña’. It also investigates the role of the Zapatistas in the events surrounding the elections of 2006 and their involvement in the (brutally repressed) social movements in Atenco and Oaxaca. Furthermore, this new version documents the Mexican government's strategy of militarization, accelerated under the current presidency of Felipe Calderón, which is putting the Zapatista communities under increasing pressure.



Also for this end of year event we have chosen the RiB 'nimble nine' recommended reads / views / wears - all very recent or brand new stock...


...from No Sweat - FCUK Sweatshops - a new ethical threads T-shirt.

...from Rape Crisis Scotland - Woman to Woman, An Oral History of Rape Crisis in Scotland, 1976-1991 - An important document in the continuing fight against sexual violence today. With testimonials, research and information on various campaigns.

...from AK Press - You Don't Play with Revolution - This book collects seven never-before-published lectures by Marxist cultural critic C.L.R. James, delivered during his stay in Montréal in 1967-1968. Ranging in topic from Marx and Lenin to Shakespeare and Rousseau to Caribbean history and the Haitian Revolution, these lectures demonstrate the staggering breadth and clarity of James’ knowledge and interest.


...from the Association of Scottish Literary Studies - The First Men on Mercury - A graphic adaptation by Metaphrog of a poem by Edwin Morgan. As a way to interest children in poetry thousands of these have been distributed across all Glasgow Secondary Schools. We have got our grubby paws on a few hundred so help yourself!

...from Glasgow Games monitor 2014 - The Eastend Eye - A new newsletter produced by a group of residents, activists and campaigners who are concerned about the effects of the regeneration in the East end of Glasgow through projects such as the Commonwealth Games and the Clyde Gateway Initiative.

...from the IWW - I don't want scabs touching my mail! - support your local posties with these striking wee stickers - current industrial action may be off, but the new winter of discontent is just starting.


...from the Bridge - Don't Moan - Organise! - a specially made badge for this event. Bring in a badge to swap and take away one of these limited edition classics.


...from Lansdowne Productions - A Massacre Foretold - DVD of the film by Nick Higgens. Nearly a decade ago, a terrified village in Southern Mexico sought refuge in a small wooden church and awaited their inevitable fate. Until now the full story of the massacre at Acteal has never been told.

...from Reel News - Reel News Issue 20 - DVD compilation including - Climate Camp: Copenhagen, Save Vestas Wind Turbine Factory, Plymouth: Stop the Nuclear Waste Dump, and Tower Hamlets College all out Strike - Victory!

...as well as hundreds of titles we will also have the most recent issues of Mute, Variant, Black Flag, Scottish Left Review, Burgh Angel, Resistance, Anarchist Critic and the brand new AK Distribution catalogue - perfect for browsing through in between RiB's...

Programme for this Saturday night: Haiti Night - Why black is the new green?

5.30-6.30 Bitter Cane Documentary
6.30-7.00 Ade from Haiti Project
7.00-7.30 Break/food/drinks
7.30-8.30 Nnimmo Bassey Chair of Friends of the Earth International and Executive Director of Friends of the Earth Nigeria speaking on Oil, the environment and human rights
Able Miller of Skills Scotland Ltd - the recycling social enterprise and Zimbabwean refugee
Grasian Mkodzongi (Council of Ethnic Minority Voluntary Sector Organisations Scotland officer - but also an Agornomist from Zimbabwe), Adie from Haiti,
Graham Campbell of African Caribbean Network
dan glass of Plane Stupid and DIY Education Collective for Environmental and Climate Justice
8.30-8.50 Popular education skillshare on understanding the relationships between environmental and social justice
8.50- feedback
9.10- Ade from Haiti Project
9.30- Voodoo Secrets Documentary
10.030- Drums and dance music party


Make a Patch

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Contact GSC if you would like to make a patch...


Projektions line up for this Sunday

*Films from 7pm* – Reach for the sky: campaigning on aviation

- Copenhagen Climate camp

- Save Vestas wind turbine factory

There will also be speakers between the films.

*Bands from 9pm* – My Old Blue Terraplane (headline)

- Honey and Herbs.

- Duncan Thomas

- Portcullas

- Special invited artist The Djembe Bwembes.

*D.J.s from late* – Level 32.


Knitting and Theatre groups

The knitting group has been postponed until the 19th November.

The Theatre workshop is currently postponed indefinitely. We will let you know when it will resume.



Day of the Dead Video

Video from last Sunday's event. Apologies for the poor sound at the end. Please email Mark if you would like more information regarding the Chiapas Solidarity group.


Haiti and Black Culture Night Double Bill on 21st November

Reggae Night in memory of Bob Marley, Fel Kuti and Lucky Dube

The African and Caribbean Network host a Reggae night as part of the Black History Month celebrations this Saturday October 31st. Reggae and Caribbean sounds on the night will be provided by DJ Flexxx and The Might Bass Warrior

£8 on the door. Proceeds go to the A&CN. If you would like details of how to obtain £5 advance tickets please email Graham


Events Calendar

Click on the forward and back arrows in the top left hand corner to scroll through events.


If your one of the Facebook flock then please become a fan of our page here.

Day of the Dead Shrine

A Day of the Dead shrine is now in place at the centre. It is there to mark the upcoming Mexican Day of the Dead on November 2nd. It is traditional that people put up photographs of dead loved ones and also offer gifts to the dead on the shrine. If you have any pictures or gifts please bring them along before or on our Day of the Dead celebrations this Sunday.


This Sunday: Day of the Dead

This Sunday to celebrate the Mexican day of the dead, from 4pm we present a screening of 'A Massacre foretold' introduced by its make Nick Higgins.

For more information contact Mark.

Haiti Night postponed

With the forces conspiring against the organisers and the very short public notice, the Haiti night did not happen in full last night. There was still quite an interest in the event so we will postpone it to Saturday 21st November 7pm.

Last night we were treated to a fantastic talk by Adey who gave us an insight into the history of Haiti. It was a great taster of the full Haiti night.


This Saturday: Haiti Night

This Saturday (24th) The Glasgow Social Centre hosts a Haitian awareness night as part of Black History Month. An event to highlight the precarious state of Haiti’s society and environment.

The night begins at 7.30pm with 2 guest speakers from Glasgow and London giving talks on the devastating effects of recent natural disasters on the people of Haiti - one of the poorest countries in the northern hemisphere - as well as an overall education on the history and culture of the country.

That will be followed by the screening of relevant Haitian films including 'Voodoo Secrets' and exploration of the cult practice of Voodoo.

Live Music will carry on for the night with a special DJ set afterwards containing mostly Haitian music.

Entry by a donation to the centre.



Day of the dead Shrine

This Thursday the 22nd of October at 7pm at the Social Centre we will be
making a Day of the Dead Shrine. We would love it if other people could
contribute to the Shrine by bringing momentos or photos to the shrine to
celebrate the lives of their dead friends or relatives and of dead
revolutionaries in the run up to the Day of the Dead. Already people want
to add the victims of injustice in Gaza and Haiti to the shrine.


Knit bad at all

Last night's knit and natter at the GSC was a great success. Thanks to all who came along, especially those that brought some home baking.

The next Urban Knitting night will be Thursday October 29th 7pm. Contact Laura for more information.


Convoy for Palestine Reminder

This is a reminder that the Convoy for Palestine is open for collection at the centre.

If you have any of the following please bring them along...

Unused medicine, painkillers, bandages, plasters, feminine hygiene products (tampons/sanitary towels), walking aids

Children equipment:
Baby equipment, toys, nappies, formula milk, colouring books, cuddy toys, writing pads,

Shoe box campaign:
Fill a show bow with Colouring book, art supplies, a toy and sweets.
Not essential but including a pic and a wee letter is also something the kids really do appreciate ~ knowing that folk in the outside world care about them.
Sweets (not chocolate or perishable as it will be going on a long road trip through different temperatures)

(The centre will have a workshop on this soon)

Clothes and bedding (particularly Celtic tops)

Sports and outdoor Camping equipment ie tents and sleeping bags

Cameras, phones, recording equipment of any description

Tools to rebuild

Please get in touch with Omar if you have any questions.


The Great Escape Photos

Pictures from last Wednesday's thoroughly entertaining The Great Escape can be viewed here


Without Borders Poster

Theatre Workshop

A weekly new Theatre Workshop begins on Wednesday 14th October 7pm at the GSC. The nights will be hosted by Jamie Wardrop a graduate of the RSAMD who aims to use the nights as a testing ground for new ideas and become a creative platform for writers, actors, designers and musicians.

If you are interested in getting involved please contact Jamie.

A night of Idleness

Many thanks to all those who came along to the Idler magazine last night at the GSC. Author Tom Hodgkinson gave a very insightful and entertaining account of his own attempts to escape modern society and the wage slave system. A lot of topics discussed tied in with many of the principles on which GSC was founded.

We hope to invite Tom and co. back for another speaking event soon. In the meantime check out the Idler site


Convoy for Palestine

The centre will be open this week Monday to Wednesday 12-6pm and next week Monday to Thursday 12-6pm for people willing to donate items for Palestine.

A collection box has been place by Omar Ibrahim at the centre. Omar is heading to Palestine with Cairde na hEireann on the 2nd December. THey will take a convoy with them and the collection box is open for gathering much needed items. Which include:

Unused medicine, painkillers, bandages, plasters, feminine hygiene products (tampons/sanitary towels), walking aids

Children equipment:
Baby equipment, toys, nappies, formula milk, colouring books, cuddy toys, writing pads,

Shoe box campaign:
Fill a show bow with Colouring book, art supplies, a toy and sweets.
Not essential but including a pic and a wee letter is also something the kids really do appreciate ~ knowing that folk in the outside world care about them.
Sweets (not chocolate or perishable as it will be going on a long road trip through different temperatures)

(The centre will have a workshop on this soon)

Clothes and bedding (particularly Celtic tops)

Sports and outdoor Camping equipment ie tents and sleeping bags

Cameras, phones, recording equipment of any description

Tools to rebuild

Please get in touch with Omar if you have any questions.


A night of Great Yarns

Thursday 15th October 7pm.

An evening of Urban knitting.

To book a place please contact Laura


Black History Month

The Glasgow Anti Racist Alliance (GARA) are holding their annual Black History Month throughout October.

As part of the series of events promoting knowledge of Black history in Scotland, the African and Caribbean Network are hosting a series of Swahili Lessons at the Centre throughout the month of October.

Lessons take place at the centre Tuesdays and Saturday from 6.30pm.

Please contact Graham if you are interested in attending.


Projektions Feedback

After a meeting last night its important that we extend a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who attended the Projektions night, which went high above our expectations.

We hope to organise another one soon. We realise that theres lots to improve on.

We would very much welcome any feedback from anyone who attended the night. You can comment below or email any feedback here.

Many thanks

- The Glasgow Social Centre Team


Projektions: This Sunday

Come along for what promises to be a great launch of a great new venue.



The Library is open at the centre. Please bring along any unwanted books to fill the shelves.

You can borrow the books for a month but please note your name, the date and title of the book in the Library log.

Happy reading

New Events Calendar

Please email if you want to book an event at the GSC.


Projektions: Launch Night

To raise much needed funds and awareness of the Glasgow Social Centre, we are putting an evening of educational films and experimental music as part of the Glasgow DIY Festival.

Please spread the word by downloading and distributing a poster. Hope to see you there for what promises to be a terrific opening for the Glasgow Social Centre.

Download a HIGH RES colour version here.

Download a LOW RES colour version here.

Download a HIGH RES Black and white (photocopy friendly) version here.

Download a LOW RES Black and white (photocopy friendly) version here.


New Photos

Some photos from inside and around the Osborne street space.


New Poster Download

This is the new poster for the Social centre. Download a copy here.


Well wishes from Berlin!

hi there!
what a pity that the social centre wasn't open when we were
visiting...!(22nd august) i would have loved to see this new free space
in progress.
well we had a good night at the 13th note...
we wish you all the best,
in solidarity
kyra and benny from berlin


Get Involved!

Working Groups

Below are the breakdowns of who is involved in the seperate working groups. If you would like to add you name to one of these contact dan888glass[at]googlemail.com

Working Groups

(1) Organising and building the physical space
(2) Publicity and Events
(3) Fundraising and finance
(4) Internal Workings (constitution, bank, communications, website)


Drop In Tuesday Meeting Notes

> In attendance:
> Alice, Karen, Leigh, Mark, Chris, Thomas> Ideas/notes:
> Weekly high tea.
> Big events calender
> Central resource where people see what's going on.
> Films, workshops, different groups.
> Meeting place. Facilitate things to do.
> Library.
> Day of the dead fundraiser 2nd November (Mark)
> Like a Mexican Halloween. Mexican relatives.
> Ongoing freeshop.
> Massive space.
> Desk with computer.
> Book shelves.
> Internet access previously downstairs.
> Upstairs communal?
> Create a partitioned area downstairs for little offices?
> Previously had success with running club/rave/dances things, with access
> through the side door.
> Profits on the bar. Can get 150 people downstairs, perhaps more.
> Red stripe available for £4.99 for 4/6 cans? if you have cash carry card.
> Charge £2 tin to raise funds.
> Research Club at Glasgow Uni had access to cash carry.
> D.J. Bar.
> Club lights/stands.
> Materials. Lots of different venues in area doing similar thing. Find
> unique selling point.
> Interest may wave, if dont constantly innovate./refreshen the place
> after the early days/.
> Try and synchronise events, so that if you have a club/rave fundraiser,
> you'll have had another event
> upstairs earlier on, so that you have a ready-made audience/attendees
> Build on activity.
> Have a 'paint party'.
> Open all day Saturday and Sunday.
> Set up the centre legally as a trust, and not an association (chris)
> Don't try to direct the direction of the social centre.
> Generate sense of ownership by allowing groups to determine direction.
> Engender loyalty
> Possible venues.
> Rooms in houses sought for visitors for Festival of diy culture. Get
> this space on the list/website as a venue.
> Either offer space as a venue or put on an event for the fest of diy
> culture.
> Stilt walking workshops
> Height of space good.
> Gives advantages.
> Clowning workshops
> Circus skills.
> Give space for a local grafitee artist
> White emulsion and beers.
> Need to know in writing no monetary debt/accruing re rent for space.
> Audit the items in the space, so you know what belongs to the
> building/GARA/, so it doesn't get mixed up with all the items that
> belong to the Social Centre, that may be moved to a new site once lease
> runs out.
> Business plan. Put to council, resurrect.
> East end regeneration like things that are visual.
> Recapture the momentum of previous plans.
> Zapatastias meetings in November would like to meet there.
> Glasgow Anarchist federations would like to meet there./
> Need to get more keys and widen key access.
> Get in process of putting on a programme
> Invite people to contribute.
> Grafiti on flyboards better as movable.
> When the space was carnibal arts they put on fashion shows. these are
> wot the big boxes are hidden downstairs in a side alcove, the stage.
> advantages, to having place looking a bit rough and ready.
> freecycle, freeshare, puit wants list on there,.
> fire exits need sorted out.
> what is g going to contribute towards painting.
> when will fire extinguishers be provided,#
> legal context. sub-let?


Meetin Minutes - Monday 17th August 09

Social Centre meeting minutes 17/08/2009

Go around and name games
Update on the social centre and how we got to where we are.
How we got the space and who it belongs to.
Dan’s message
What has been done.
What still needs done/what do we need.
Working groups, what to talk about next week.

1. Go around – we had Juliana, Tilly, Omar, Connie, Thomas, Michael, Sam, Dan, Gordy, Johnny, Mila (sorry if I missed you!)

2. Update – lots of this can be found in older records on the website. Basically we have been going since last December trying to work out how to start a social centre from scratch. Some momentum was lost but now we have a space so let’s use it!

3. The Space – we have been given the space on Osborne street on temporary loan by the African and Caribbean Network whilst they wait for full funding to completely fit the place. Now we just need to make it look nice and get folk in it!

4. Dan’s message from Leeds social centre and the melting pot in Edinburgh: their advise was two main things to bear in mind: 1) our ideals 2) hard core infrastructure. Claire who sorted the melting pot is going to come on September the 2nd.

5. What has been done; painted walls and surfaces white, floors cleaned and painted, junk cleared out, bathrooms cleaned.
The electricity works although only plugs nearest the front working and there are very few lights downstairs. The water boiler seems to be working.
Lance is going to go in and check out the plumbing and electricity.

6. What still needs done: strip old paint of walls and roof, clean downstairs, sort out plumbing and electricity, paint floor downstairs, check for asbesdos.

7. What do we need:
The tat list is in the centre, so I can’t quite remember but the main things are:
- furniture, especially couches
- paint
- curtains
- books, magazines
- tool box and tools
- tape, blue tack.
- phone
- Also: bank account, timeline.
We need to work out how folk can phone a number when they see a good item to get it picked up. The idea was to get a phone and that person can be called.
We need to make sure that there’s a good legal document – Pearse is on this (?).
Check out health and safety.
A trip to the landfill was suggested to get loads of stuff.

If anyone is on freecycle then please look out for furniture we need.
Contact other centres including Pearse Institute and Ruckhill Centre.

8. Funding: we need a funding group to work out what avenues there are. There is a funding book to write in when money goes in/out.

9. Working groups: We decided for the initial stages there should be 4 working groups:
1. Building (including tat, decorating etc.)
2. Publicity
3. Funding
4. Constitution/group workings etc.

To talk about next week: workings of the centre initially - how often is it open, roles for people, security - we'll create a list on the blog for next week.

Action points to be done:

Juliana – timeline, freecycle and sofas, posters in window.
Tilly – decoration & painting, constitution.
Omar – constitution.
Connie – to decide later.
Thomas – building, fundraising, equipment.
Michael – finance, funding, Unity centre, possibly constitution.
Sam – funding, decoration, kitchen, speak to his Mum.
Dan – consolidating advice and put in newsletter.
Gordy – publicity, constitution.
Johnny – asbesdos, building, information/publicity.

Next meeting Monday 24th August 7pm.


The Big Meet

Meeting to talk about what we should do with the space.

Due to popular demand, there's going to be a meeting on Monday and then a wee one on Tuesday for those who can't make Monday or don't find out in time that there is one on Monday. This may seem like a bit of hassle, but it's the only way we can get everyone on board.

Monday 17th August 7.00pm bring food for pot luck and some dancing shoes!
Next day Tuesday 7pm also.

Location 66 Osborne Streets MAP

See You there


Canvas making and painting workshop tomorrow

Canvas making and painting workshop
Thrusday 13th August from 6.30pm
Glasgow Social Centre Space Osborne Street

What to bring: white material/sheets, paint and brushes, stapler or staple gun.
Don't worry if you don't have any of these, I'll try and source some of them/

- Johnny


Clean Up

Very exciting times as the new space takes shape. Still plenty of work and decoration to come. Get involved. Email me.


Volunteers Wanted

We are currently trying to gather as many people as possible to volunteer to help out with the renovation of a proposed space on Osborne Street.

If anyone can come along and donate a couple of hours to help us bring a social centre to life, this weekend (8th/9th August), then please email me.

Cheers much



Opertaion Linux

Operation Linux is in full effect. Check out the Bridge website for more details.

Proposed New Space Video


New GSC Group on Bridge website

For some REAL social networking join our group on the new bridge website


New Bridge website

City Strolls have just launched a great looking network site. The main aim is to keep people involved and alert to various community activities...

Free Shop Video

Thanks Kate and Bob


Free Shop success

Kate and other members of the Glasgow Social centre set up a Free shop on Buchanan street last May Day Weekend. Giving away donated clothes to people with curious looks...
Kate Mackay: "we took to the streets with the free shop and it was an overwhelming success! had loads of really great chats with people and gave clothes to some folk that really needed them as well as getting the shoppers of Glasgow to think at least a wee bit, we got rid of over 95% of what we took out which is fab!"


Walk'n'Talk - Govan to Glasgow City centre


The agenda for last weeks meeting was:
1 recap of meeting for those not there.
2 formal structure: discussion
3 property info...
4 bike workshop and flag making day, sat 28th march
5 may day
6 CEIS info
7 networking: Johnny asked: Who should he/we be networking with?

At the previous meeting, we agreed we should try to start on time, always take minutes and have a facilitator, and email out those minutes promptly, as well as an agenda for the next meeting.

Bob told us about a fantastic poster he did for the talk on saturday, that perhaps could be used again in future for other events. ask him to explain it if youre interested. its something about history being 'medicine for the masses'.

Kate and Juliana formed a subgroup of the research group, to look into past and existing social centres to see how theyre structured and what we can learn from them.

2 formal structure:
I mentioned some of the info we got from meeting with CEIS, who offer advice for new social enterprises:
I suggested we need to become a constituted group, (ie have a formal constitution), and then think about moving forward with deciding on a structure: eg charity status, social enterprise, community interest company, etc....in order to get funding and premises and do business plan...

Johnny asked everyone to send profiles: ie name, email, phone number, (if youre comfortable doing that) and 2 sentences on what you would like to offer (ie workshops youd like to host/take part in) and what you would like to get out of a social centre (in concrete terms, ie what workshops youd like to attend or what youd like to learn about or do)

it was also suggested that this info could be made into a members list, (with whatever info people are happy to give/or omit) and we could keep a hard copy of this once we get a premises. (this info would NOT be online for anyone to see, and would basically be so we can contact each other about organising workshops, meetings etc.

We took another look at the roles that were suggested in an email Pearse sent around a few weeks ago.
WE agreed that we dont like the word 'president' , but that there was a need for people to take responsibility for ensuring certain things get done. We agreed that it would be good to have at least 2/3 people share certain roles: so that its not any one person's responsibility and the duties are shared...and that these roles could rotate every few months (eg. every 3 or 6 months)
Tentative descriptions of those roles are:

a 'chairperson' who would be at every meeting and provide a general overview and recap for others, act as contact person, occasional or fallback facilitator, and would try to do role of providing a general overview of how the group is getting on,as we check in with our consensus and facilitation and general process and progress every few months,

a treasurer to keep record of any money

a secretary to take responsibility for ensuring minutes are taken at each meeting, and emailed out after, WITh an agenda for next meeting... to be added to on email if people want.

(perhaps in future, we could look at PR people, to focus on promoting the centre and networking with other groups in glasgow)

Also would be good to have an 'ass kicker' to check everyone is doing what they say theyll do after each meeting, etc.

It was agreed we need to elaborate exactly what these roles entail, in reality, in the way we work, and what they would be on paper, for the purposes of 'business people' or potential funders, etc.

3: property/premises:
I checked with The Annexe, healthy living centre in Partick. rooms are rented per hour, and are very cheap for constituted groups £5 an hour. this is a good option if we want to plan events for now, until we get a venue. But the group would need to be constituted first. I would be up for holding things like knitting and creative meetings there, as a way of 'doing' what we want social centre to be, as well as 'talking' about it...

4 bike workshop and flag day
this would be a day to construct pedal powered stuff eg smoothie makers, laptops, etc... and to make trailers for bikes, flags to put on bikes, to use at demos, and 'basical bicycle maintenance' skillshare, etc.
It was agreed it would be good if 1 or 2 people took responsibility for organising different parts of the day:
denis will look into pedal power, anyone else want to chip in?
it was mentioned that regan has a leaflet or zine on how to convert a bike to pedal power stuff... is that right?
Juliana offered to do a sewing skillshare to prep for the flag making, hemming material, etc so flags are ready to be painted on the day...she will suggest times next week? she will also see if richard is up for doing a bike fixing skillshare. Johnny also has the number for Ben from Ben's bikes.

IF anyone has any materials that would be good.... we need to get materials. pale cloth for flags, paints, wood and metal for trailers, etc... streamers? decorations for bikes?...
I also suggested if anyone wants to take a trip to local recycling centres to see if we can get some stuff for free... let me know.

5 May Day
we agreed the flag making day would be a prep for may day, and we could do our own event as the social centr,e and tie in with other groups and hopefully use some great bike banners and flags to create visually eye catching images.

6 CEIS: I gave a quick update on what the guy from CEIS said. It was agreed that it would be good to type up the notes from the meeting and give a proper presentation about it to the group, or let them know where the research group is at.

7Johnny and Networking:
it was agreed that an address book, with a list of all the local groups in glasgow that we know about would be a great thing to do.
as well as the big giant map of glasgow that pearse is going to print out for us. we can stick pins in map for all the groups we know about, and find out about, and have names, phone numbers, addresses and emails for them all....to make it easier to network in futre, and to 'see' where a social centre might best be located.

it was also suggested that it would be a great idea to keep a copy of all posters we make, and have photos and footage of all events we hold, and make a archive of the process were going through.

KAte is going to notify property people about a councillor she met who knows a lot about buildings around glasgow that we could rent...

They are the minutes.

I thought we made up an agenda for next week, but i cant find it, so here is my
suggested Agenda for next week: Please amend as you like...

juliana: sewing skillshare dates to be suggested
talk about or look into getting 'constituted' as a group
people to talk about/clarify/volunteer for roles of secretary, chair, treasurer
property list: it came out last week, Can someone from property group let us know any news with it?
people to volunteer for bike and flag workshop to help organise it
Research group to update rest of group on progress/ceis meeting, or whatever else happening...
can someone bring the timeline and leave it at electron club? or bring it each week?
melissa proposal to work at glastonbury

I think thats it. See you at next meeting!


Friday 27th/Minutes

Friday 27th Meeting Minutes

1.We talked excitedly about making fancy flags for the backs of bikes to
make brilliant colourful movingness and discussed the joys of bike
trailers filled with info and food!

-Could build up to doing some fun stuff on May Day.
-Could perhaps do some making as part of the bike extravaganza event at
the Pearce Institute.
Denis and Liam interested in joining Mark in organising this day event.
- Suggestion that it could happen sooner than April – date to be fixed
soon so we can publicise etc.

2.We also discussed briefly how we work as a group. We were only a small
group but we decided that we would try and use consensus to make decisions
but would come back to review this and look more thoroughly at how we work
in 2 months time.

We also decided to be better with meeting formalities – putting the agenda
out in advance(sorry!), taking minutes, having a facilitator decided in
advance etc.
See http://seedsforchange.org.uk/free/resources#grp for information on
Consensus Decision-Making and Facilitating Consensus. (If people are
interested in training in facilitating consensus email Beth off the list
(on cringeandvomit_at_riseup.net) and if there's interest i'll see about
arranging it)

3. The following working groups have been established to get things moving
more outside of meetings. Come along or email to hook up with people to
work on the stuff you're interested in.

Working Groups:


Property Group:





Meeting Minutes 13/2

Glasgow Social Centre Meeting Minutes. 13/02/09.

1.General update on what's happened so far.
2.Update from Business Plan meeting:
Feel we're not ready to write a business plan yet.
Need to plan a strategy for the months ahead to get there.
Going to have meeting with CEIS who give advice on social enterprises etc.

Some points that came up:
*We could make a graphic map of Glasgow filling in what similar things
already exist and where are they to establish where we should be.
*If we're gonna have a cafe, we need to find people who want to run a cafe.
*Could cover some costs by taking subs – standing orders or regular
donations from 'members'.
*Could move in somewhere straight away to get things happening and just
have an activist centre for the short-term and build towards other aims
from there.
*Francis McGhee, Dir. Of the CCA has some land and allotment project in
Drumchapel and is interested in whether groups like us could be involved.

Planning a Strategy:

We decided that it would be good to give ourselves some structure and plan
the tasks we need to do. We had a brainstorm of steps that we need to
take, things we need to do and events/stuff that we can be doing regularly
and frequently from now.

Steps towards becoming a social centre:
(To be put into a timeline by smaller group – if you want to be involved
with this but weren't at the meeting shout now.)

Meet with CEIS

Have a workshop where we brainstorm everything that it could be and
document it really well so that we don't need to keep repeating this

Research – map, what's happening already? Talk to local councillors and
other useful contacts.

Decide upon a location/area within Glasgow

Address our groups internal structure, roles etc.

Working groups?

Build links with a place/places that exist

Build links with existing groups

Why Glasgow? And what's unique about what we want to do?


Funding (get some)

Find a place ( even temporary?)

Get regular events happening

Ideas for Stuff that we can be doing as of now at regular intervals under
the banner of Glasgow Social Centre:

Presentation of all similar establishments in Glasgow (Unity, Clydebank
space etc.) - How do we differ?

Host workshops from other groups in Glasgow – beer-making, master compost,
tetra-pak wallets, CityStrolls, Glasgow Craft Mafia etc.

Food Not Bombs

Pedal generators


Film Screenings (Groups that lend out films – see Kate)

Clothes revamping – Partick Group

Swap Shop

May Day – could we link in

Face Painting


Basic Electrics

Shelf Hanging

Bike Maintenance

Music Night – dancing

Field Trips and Walks

Paul Chatterton from The Common Place in Leeds and Mike from ACE,
Edinburgh can come and speak with us in early April-ish (Dan as point of

James from the Forest is up for coming

People from Bradford Social Centre

*It was felt that these could also be prioritised into some sort of order–
some will help to move us along, some will be fun which is much needed
between meetings and some will help to raise money.

Action Points:

Go through the list and timeline – Beth, Hannah, Denis, Stephen
Look into Drumchapel opportunity – Bob
Contact Clydebank Social Centre and ask about a meeting/something – Bob
Go to CEIS meeting – Beth, Hannah, Mark, Stephen, Melissa.
Contact the council to find out dates and timeline of their rent-free
initiative deal – Denis.

Next Meeting: Friday 20th Feb.


Brick Ideas

People at the Reshuffle were invited to post up what they would like to see from a Social centre.

Here are their thoughts:

* A Place to find out what is going on in Glasgow
* Teach workshop Club – subscription like a gym but you get to use equipment (sewing machine, soldering iron, drill etc…)
* Painting drawing and discussion
* A film Club showing contemporary film from indie Producers (Britain and abroad). Particularly on workers initiatives, struggles and solutions
* Greenspace garden, café and loads of workshops
* Fun, games and art activities for kids. No computers! No TV!
* A place to sing songs and tell stories
* Space for dancing, music, art, performance, chilling
* Some kind of exchange of peoples' unwanted stuff a la freecycle
* Women's evenings
* Free English lessons
* Skill exchange (my knitting for your Arabic, etc,…)
* Set up a thrift shop – second hand clothes and goods- (like a car boot sale)
* Park
* Use older members of community to tell stories or to run reminiscence for all ages
* Rent or share a granny – support for young and single parents
* Organic ethical (not as main feature- as background), run by volunteers workshops, books, computers.
* A communal haven for arts, crafts and good conversation over a lovely piece of cake and tea. + knitting needles
* Place with sofas to relax
* Network with like minded people
* Place to get exposed to alternative movies and books
* Face to face interaction –vs online communities
* A space with no pressure to buy –spend- sell-consume
* Somewhere o go late at night that isn't booze –pub focussed
* Get some archive films from Scottish screen for free community learning
* Space to share serious concerns, plan serious stuff – without feeling like an extremist loony
* Smiles, freedom, fun and enthusiasm
* Arty activities
* Safe meeting place, skill share haven and vegan café
* Create a space where people can create without being exploited
* Space for networking and collaborating
* Discussing and organising
* Space for kids and parents to play together … or better still, a cool and groovy free crèche
* Somewhere to organise – meet –plot- plan audacious and necessary things
* A workshop to learn basic plumbing
* Somewhere for open and honest discussion to be held
* Café and garden
* A space to explore our independence, and the ways we meet our needs as a society
* Music, history and cultural centres
* Plotting and planning – share ideas food the love.
* An alternative to boring pubs.

Minutes for Meeting 30/1


we shall gather imput from the communities present through the via of:

- film, ask people to answer a few questions about what they'd like to see in a social centre
- the paper bricks which people can write on and stick to the cardboard social centre

This information should be compiled for the open meeting next saturday

Why Glasgow?

One question which has been put aside since it was raised at one of the first meetings is what makes Glasgow special, and how can we make the social centre relevant to its particularities.

Glasgow has a very rich history of activism and resistance (cf. rent strikes, poll tax strikes, tanks sent to george square to quell protests).

Could we maybe host an event which would have a look at this history of activism? This could be a very intersesting venture and could help us find how we might fit into this history. Kate would be willing to take on the organisation of this event if there is motivation for it.

Social at the Pearce Institute

A social event is being proposed to be held in the PI some time in february. Could we help organise this? It would be good practice for when we have our own place to organise events in! Bob to get more info.

Open Meeting

7th feb, 2-4 Posters and flyer have been made and sent round by pearce everone: get them out there!

This meeting could take the shape of several short presentations followed by a discussion on the social centre. These presentations could include:

- feedback from reshuffle
- update on how far we have got already (for all those who haven't been to our weekly meetings)
- galgate
- clydebank social centre (jonny to check that out)
- history of glasgow's activism
- bridge (bob)
- campaign to save schools (bob to contact them)
- any other community campaign or project willing to present s/t

Presentation should take a maximum of 5 minutes and would ideally underline why there is a need for a social centre. Anyone willing to do a presentation should email denis (quelgamin@hotmail.com) and i will compile a schedule for the day.


quick update: a source from inside the city council has suggested that most of the properties which will be on offer will be relatively out of the way. There might however be some around trongate and king street. (do not tale that for said, we don't know where they will be yet and won't until the end of feruary when the new list of properties is published)

The point that we must fit into the community where we will be was reiterated. This is essential if our project is to be a success, since a centre that isn't used or accepted by the local community will not survive.

Business plan

Many questions regarding our functioning must be answered before the workling group can make much progress. Questions to be thought about will be sent around by Jonny, and next meeting (next two meetings?) will be dedicated to these. Therefore please attend next (2) meeting(s) if you cannot please relay your thoughts on these matters through someone who can.


Wallboard for the reshuffle

Click here to view the wallboard to be displayed at the Reshuffle tomorrow


Final Reshuffle Meeting

Will take place tomorrow night (Friday 30th) at 6.30pm Electron Club CCA



Here is a list of workshops which could take place in our social center. These could potentially be lucrative (with the sale of their produce) and could be useful for the business plan, it is therefore important to plan them at this early stage. Please add your name next to a workshop if you wish to take responsibility for it. Please also add any other workshop ideas you can come up with.

-fixing broken (electrical) stuff
-creative painting etc
-bicycle worshop (denis)

- Denis

Ideas from Melissa

Nutrition - I could do workshops on nutrition, vitamins, minerals, herbal medicine, flower remedies, natural skincare.
Not a qualified therapist, but have a diploma in health food retailing, and worked in a health food store for 4 years giving advice to ppl.
Skating - also a qualified inline skating instructor...!
knitting- and could facilitate/organise knitting workshops, altho im brand new to it. but want to learn.
felting - also interested in getting 'Galgael' ladies along to do courses in feltmaking, spinning, weaving and looming... (check out www.galgael.org)
co-counselling- also interested in starting up some kind of 'co-counselling' or first person action inquiry group...



Check this very inspiring website

Minutes from the last meeting

What do we want the social center to be?

-social space for alternative folk to meet
-a productive space with workshops
-gig space (amongst other things for fundraisers)
-a space that includes and inspires its local community
-a sustainable, vibrant space
-open to all not just activists/alternative (therefore careful with that language!)
-could include a mobile social centre

Reshuffle (31st, Pearce Institute, 840 Govan Road, 12-6pm

-history of previous social centers in glasgow (strenghths and weaknesses)
-flyers to advertise open meeting Everyone to think about printing (can we do it for free/cheap) template to be sent around by the 24th
-Group to meet and prepare interactive cardboard stuff (we have met and are preparing :)
-pedal powered smoothie maker (collect fruit) (can we get this or other pedal powered stuff for the day?)

Open Meeting (provisional date = 7th feb)

-location: Landsdowne church, Pearce Institute, Woodside Social? ideally get a place for free
-how well do we want to defive ourselves before opening to a wider public? perhaps use reshuffle as first oportunity of consultation of a wider public and feed this info into open meeting
-make stuff not just talk about stuff!
-working group should start preparing meeting

Business plan

-new list of properties available in 4 weeks, provisional business plan to be ready by then
-working group to meet next thursday 5pm

Brainstorm of money generating ideas to make us economically sustainable

-productive workshops (the produce of which could be sold) many ideas have been put forward ill send round in another email a list of these and if anyone wants to take responsability for one so that these can go into the business plan
-charity shop
-office space to rent
-outreach projects which can get funding
-sale of food (=cafe)
-get funding for being a learning center for the future of glasgow

issues for consideration:
-how will workshops and more generally the centre be run? by volunteers? would there need to be paid staff?
-how to organise the collection of materials used in the workshops
-can we legally sublet office space?
-how can we get working class communities to be interested in reusing?