Sunday 6th December 4pm: Learning the lessons of workplace struggles

The event includes:

3 short films on the Visteon, Prisme and Vestas workplace occupations.

600 ex-Ford workers at Visteon auto-parts factories are sacked with 6
minutes notice without redundancy pay. They respond by occupying their
factories. After the factory occupations and the threat to picket out
workers at Ford's state of the art plant at Bridgend, Visteon and Ford were
forced back to the negotiating table - where they conceded a redundancy
package better than the Fords package the workers were demanding. It is
the biggest redundancy package ever paid out by Ford anywhere! (25 mins.)

Dundee: Prisme occupation
Another great response to the shutting down of a factory, as the cardbouard
packaging workers refuse to leave and plan to reopen the factory as a
workers cooperative. (6 mins)

Save Vestas Wind Turbine Factory
An unprecedented red, green and black coalition support the Vestas workers
occupying to stop the only wind turbine factory in England shutting down.
(19 mins)

Followed by discussion on workplace struggles and how next year's cuts will
affect workers.

Hosted by Clydeside Industrial Workers of the World
A Union For All workers

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