Pop Up Social Centre Launch

Launch of the Pop Up Social Centre 
@ Kinning Park Complex.

Over the weekend of the 10-12th February, the KP will see the first Pop-up Social Centre. For more details of what the popup is read on. Here's the line-up:

Friday 6.30 - 9.45 talks, discussions and film (details below)

7pm: Urban Activism and the Commons
7.20pm: Kinning Park Complex story
7.40pm: Sustaining Activism over the Long Term
8.30pm: Film: The Garden

Urban Activism and the Commons

Sometimes it seems that our city is drowning under the torrential logic of capital. A councillor’s retirement package amounts to more money than many of us will make in a working lifetime; private developers and monopoly landlords gorge on public assets fed to them by local government; and the ruling parties continue to propagate the most insulting sound-bite of the current crisis: “We’re all in this together”. B*llsh*t, we’re not all in this together, the political, industrial and financial elites are doing very well on our labour, time and anxieties.

Stopping the rot starts wherever we find ourselves. There is no big secret to enacting change. The knowledge and skills required to end the rule of the few resides within each of us. Tapping into that knowledge is itself a learning process that takes place in the here-and-now, not sometime in the future. Our communities are worth more than any number of pound, euro or dollar signs. We realise this worth when we come together and share what we have. This ‘coming together’ is the essence of the Glasgow Social Centre (GSC).

From the 10th to the 12th of February, the GSC invites you to take part in a series of events spanning across the coming year in various locations around the city. These events, known as Pop-Up Social Centres, are intended to increase our collective confidence through sharing our stories and ideas. These events are intended to produce practical actions that defy the possessive logic of capitalist greed by creating collective ways of being-in-the-world.

Saturday 12am-10pm Roller disco, food, entertainment, stalls and more!

12-8pm People's Cafe
3-6pm   Roller Skating
6-10pm Acoustic Cafe and pot luck. For pot luck bring along anything you want to share: food, tricks, games, music, instruments, ball pools etc.
Also stalls during the day and free shop! Bring or take clothes for free.

Roller Disco Disco, Food & Chat

The ‘Social’ in Social Centre is crucial to the ethos of the social centre movement. Theatre, poetry, music, dance and roller-skating discos: we use these mediums to tell our stories of love, adventure and resistance; we use these mediums to imagine new ways of being-in-the-world; and we use these mediums to simply make an arse of ourselves.

Saturday is about roller-skating, food and fighting capitalism. Saturday is about coming along to share a song, a joke, a story, some cake, a recipe; or a piece of utterly useless information about clocks, owls, coat hangers or sand paper. If, for the time being, you’d like to hold on to such particulars, then that’s fine too: your company is more than enough.  

If you can, please bring along guitars, trumpets, mandolins, drums, shakers, wobble boards, sport socks, bean bags, post-its and egg-timers (the fancier, the better).

Sunday 11-6pm Gardening, craft and bikes

11-3pm Gardening workshop/skillshare
2-4pm   Dr. Bike from the Bike Station (bring your broken bike!)
2-5pm   Craft workshop

Gardening, Dr Bike & Craft

My mate gave me his old racer when he bought himself a brand spank’n new Rally Grifter. The racer is gubbed and in need of some serious attention. On Sunday 12th February at the Pop-Up Social Centre our friends The Glasgow Bike Station are running a bike maintenance workshop. The winter is particularly harsh on our two-wheeler, ten-speeder dream machines: pop along for some Tender Lovin Bike Care. I’ll see you all there with ‘Bullet the Blue Sky’ (that’s my new racers name).

Other friends will be there too. We will be running a workshop on raised garden beds. Dominate your vegetable patch without backache. Erect a raised garden bed on your urban plot and let the worms work their magic.

Sunday is about skill sharing. It’s about learning practical stuff with friends. As well as the above, the Glasgow Social Centre will be putting on an up-cycling workshop where you can learn how to turn bike tire inner tubes into wallets, purses and maybe even dinner jackets. There are all sorts of practical and fantastical things you can do with a wee bit of junk and imagination. We’ll let you what junk to bring over the coming week.

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