Minutes from the last meeting

What do we want the social center to be?

-social space for alternative folk to meet
-a productive space with workshops
-gig space (amongst other things for fundraisers)
-a space that includes and inspires its local community
-a sustainable, vibrant space
-open to all not just activists/alternative (therefore careful with that language!)
-could include a mobile social centre

Reshuffle (31st, Pearce Institute, 840 Govan Road, 12-6pm

-history of previous social centers in glasgow (strenghths and weaknesses)
-flyers to advertise open meeting Everyone to think about printing (can we do it for free/cheap) template to be sent around by the 24th
-Group to meet and prepare interactive cardboard stuff (we have met and are preparing :)
-pedal powered smoothie maker (collect fruit) (can we get this or other pedal powered stuff for the day?)

Open Meeting (provisional date = 7th feb)

-location: Landsdowne church, Pearce Institute, Woodside Social? ideally get a place for free
-how well do we want to defive ourselves before opening to a wider public? perhaps use reshuffle as first oportunity of consultation of a wider public and feed this info into open meeting
-make stuff not just talk about stuff!
-working group should start preparing meeting

Business plan

-new list of properties available in 4 weeks, provisional business plan to be ready by then
-working group to meet next thursday 5pm

Brainstorm of money generating ideas to make us economically sustainable

-productive workshops (the produce of which could be sold) many ideas have been put forward ill send round in another email a list of these and if anyone wants to take responsability for one so that these can go into the business plan
-charity shop
-office space to rent
-outreach projects which can get funding
-sale of food (=cafe)
-get funding for being a learning center for the future of glasgow

issues for consideration:
-how will workshops and more generally the centre be run? by volunteers? would there need to be paid staff?
-how to organise the collection of materials used in the workshops
-can we legally sublet office space?
-how can we get working class communities to be interested in reusing?

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