Here is a list of workshops which could take place in our social center. These could potentially be lucrative (with the sale of their produce) and could be useful for the business plan, it is therefore important to plan them at this early stage. Please add your name next to a workshop if you wish to take responsibility for it. Please also add any other workshop ideas you can come up with.

-fixing broken (electrical) stuff
-creative painting etc
-bicycle worshop (denis)

- Denis

Ideas from Melissa

Nutrition - I could do workshops on nutrition, vitamins, minerals, herbal medicine, flower remedies, natural skincare.
Not a qualified therapist, but have a diploma in health food retailing, and worked in a health food store for 4 years giving advice to ppl.
Skating - also a qualified inline skating instructor...!
knitting- and could facilitate/organise knitting workshops, altho im brand new to it. but want to learn.
felting - also interested in getting 'Galgael' ladies along to do courses in feltmaking, spinning, weaving and looming... (check out www.galgael.org)
co-counselling- also interested in starting up some kind of 'co-counselling' or first person action inquiry group...

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