The Big Meet

Meeting to talk about what we should do with the space.

Due to popular demand, there's going to be a meeting on Monday and then a wee one on Tuesday for those who can't make Monday or don't find out in time that there is one on Monday. This may seem like a bit of hassle, but it's the only way we can get everyone on board.

Monday 17th August 7.00pm bring food for pot luck and some dancing shoes!
Next day Tuesday 7pm also.

Location 66 Osborne Streets MAP

See You there


jagnew said...

We still needs lots of kit to fill the social center with. If you have any of the following it would be greatly appreciated:

- big curtains
- couches
- books/magazines
- furniture
- glasses, mugs etc.
- painters scaffold (!)
- chalk board/chalk paint
- paint


jagnew said...

Proposed agenda for Monday:

Go around - what do you think of the space?
What still needs done to the space.
What stuff we need.
Launch event.
Working of the space - days open, groups to get involved, food, drink etc.

Please add what you think needs talked about. A Monday person should speak to someone going to the Tuesday meeting also.

Omar said...

Need defined outline in terms of constitution/manifesto.

What are we going to to do inthe time we have?

Understand this will crystalize over time but in terms of getting settled we need to set a proper definition.

Any ideas get back to us.