Drop In Tuesday Meeting Notes

> In attendance:
> Alice, Karen, Leigh, Mark, Chris, Thomas> Ideas/notes:
> Weekly high tea.
> Big events calender
> Central resource where people see what's going on.
> Films, workshops, different groups.
> Meeting place. Facilitate things to do.
> Library.
> Day of the dead fundraiser 2nd November (Mark)
> Like a Mexican Halloween. Mexican relatives.
> Ongoing freeshop.
> Massive space.
> Desk with computer.
> Book shelves.
> Internet access previously downstairs.
> Upstairs communal?
> Create a partitioned area downstairs for little offices?
> Previously had success with running club/rave/dances things, with access
> through the side door.
> Profits on the bar. Can get 150 people downstairs, perhaps more.
> Red stripe available for £4.99 for 4/6 cans? if you have cash carry card.
> Charge £2 tin to raise funds.
> Research Club at Glasgow Uni had access to cash carry.
> D.J. Bar.
> Club lights/stands.
> Materials. Lots of different venues in area doing similar thing. Find
> unique selling point.
> Interest may wave, if dont constantly innovate./refreshen the place
> after the early days/.
> Try and synchronise events, so that if you have a club/rave fundraiser,
> you'll have had another event
> upstairs earlier on, so that you have a ready-made audience/attendees
> Build on activity.
> Have a 'paint party'.
> Open all day Saturday and Sunday.
> Set up the centre legally as a trust, and not an association (chris)
> Don't try to direct the direction of the social centre.
> Generate sense of ownership by allowing groups to determine direction.
> Engender loyalty
> Possible venues.
> Rooms in houses sought for visitors for Festival of diy culture. Get
> this space on the list/website as a venue.
> Either offer space as a venue or put on an event for the fest of diy
> culture.
> Stilt walking workshops
> Height of space good.
> Gives advantages.
> Clowning workshops
> Circus skills.
> Give space for a local grafitee artist
> White emulsion and beers.
> Need to know in writing no monetary debt/accruing re rent for space.
> Audit the items in the space, so you know what belongs to the
> building/GARA/, so it doesn't get mixed up with all the items that
> belong to the Social Centre, that may be moved to a new site once lease
> runs out.
> Business plan. Put to council, resurrect.
> East end regeneration like things that are visual.
> Recapture the momentum of previous plans.
> Zapatastias meetings in November would like to meet there.
> Glasgow Anarchist federations would like to meet there./
> Need to get more keys and widen key access.
> Get in process of putting on a programme
> Invite people to contribute.
> Grafiti on flyboards better as movable.
> When the space was carnibal arts they put on fashion shows. these are
> wot the big boxes are hidden downstairs in a side alcove, the stage.
> advantages, to having place looking a bit rough and ready.
> freecycle, freeshare, puit wants list on there,.
> fire exits need sorted out.
> what is g going to contribute towards painting.
> when will fire extinguishers be provided,#
> legal context. sub-let?


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