Garnett Hill Park 25th July 'Day out of Time' Festival

This event will be loosely based on the 'Day Out Of Time' Celebrations, an international day of festivities promoting the concept of 'Peace through culture' and 'Time is Art'. For those of you who are familiar with Garnett Hill Park it is particularly appropriate for this with its Mayan like pyramid, water garden and amphitheater.

The day will be a celebration of community, the park and the fine thought and work that brought it into being, an inspiration for the many community garden and landscaping projects currently emerging and those to come in the future.

There will be a pa system set up in the amphitheatre area for music, poets, storytellers etc with dancers, performance artists and all things accoustic at the pyramid. Nothing set in stone,this is the first year for doing this event here so we feel our way and set a precedent for an annual celebration.

The idea is that the two spaces be linked by the 'Rainbow Bridge' via the stone staircase and stepping stone water garden. The Rainbow bridge will be processional i.e. made of people using costume ,body paint ,flags ,banners etc and hopefully have a ceremonial element to it....this may involve the planting of a vine!

So far we have the 'peoples kitchen' group working on providing free food, a pa system, some materials, and a growing cast of performers and artists plus the debut performance of a locally produced radio play and hopera(!) written by the late Fraser Clarke 'MEGATRIPOLIS@FOREVER' which introduces the concept of TimeDancing!!.....

Come along, and get involved. We'll see you there.

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