More info on Collectives

So you're interested in getting involved in one of the collectives? Great! Here's some more information on what they are all about:

Food Cooperative Collective
Help us get people out of the supermarkets and eating healthy food with less packaging! This collective involves sourcing initially dried foods from GreenCity Wholefoods and hopefully vegetables from a local farm at a later date. The dried and wholefoods will be bought in bulk and sold on at low prices with a wee profit to the Glasgow Social Centre.

People's Kitchen Collective
Serving free food to people on the street. This process provides a space to talk about how we relate to food, encourages eating together and gets healthy food into hungry mouths.

Film Collective
Showing radical films and documentaries in interesting spaces around Glasgow.

The collectives are being set up now so that they have a running start when we get a space. If you want to be involved in these collectives when we have a space (or don't!), please get stuck in now. See earlier post for contact details.

If there is a collective that you would like to start then please come along to our Monday meeting 7pm at the CCA to let us know.

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